We work with some of the best companies in Smart Home, Construction and Positioning industry on design, technology-share and manufacturing. The experience across multiple sectors enable us to innovate with a core platform of technology that is capable of upstream / downstream in specifications as needed. It also gives us a skillset that is a unique blend of idea generation and manufacturing know-how.

At the head of it, our scalable technology platform is designed to do two things:
Bringing measurement data of all kinds to a user-built map / picture / visual reference for real-life, dimensional context. So you can see how something looks, as well as how it fits.

Enable you to select points on your design, and have our tools guide you to them. So you can bring your design to life, without having to calculate and measure multiple times. Taking the stress out of figuring the job out, so they can focus on getting the job done.

We have worked together on projects ranging from enabling Smart appliance that becomes controllable on a user built, interactive smart map, to enabling professional contractors to control their lasers from 1,200 feet away while sending job info to a central location in real time; to industrial applications where we can do guided surgery on buildings.

We would love to hear what your ideas are and how our platform might be able to help. Please contact for more information and to set something up.

We like coffee. Calls work too.

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