Who we are

We are a collective of creatives, engineers, inventors, military veterans, designers and weekend warrior DIY’ers. We are based out of New Jersey, with our own factory in Kunshan China.

We work with some of the best companies across sectors such as Smart Home, Construction, Industrial and Positioning on design, technology-share and manufacturing. The experience across multiple sectors enable us to innovate with a core platform of technology that is capable of upstream / downstream in specifications as needed.

It also gives us a skillset that is a unique blend of idea generation and manufacturing know-how.

Think of us as starry-eyed dreamers and inventors; just LEAN Six-Sigma certified.

What we do

We build a technology platform that is designed to do 2 things, with flexibility to scale up and down in terms of specifications needed:

● Bringing measurement data of all kinds to a user-built map / picture / visual reference for real-life, dimensional context, So you can see how something looks, as well as how it fits.

● Enable you to select points on your design, and have our tools guide you to them, So you can bring your design to life, without having to calculate and measure multiple times.

We build a bridge that helps you bring dimensional data together with map and visual for you to design, and then guides you in bringing that design to life.

Why that matters

It's not easy to change your surroundings. From a DIY / home project, to construction of a building, it’s a time consuming and complicated process to get all of the dimensional data, calculating its relative placement, relaying that information into a design. Once you are done with the design, to calculate / measure again to find those points in real life to make the change.

Whether you never done it before or you do it for a living; no one does measurement / calculations for the sake of doing them. And let’s face it, it’s an absolutely necessary, but tedious, time consuming part of the project. One that places a time constraint on how many projects you could do. Or worse, it holds you back from starting a project in the first place.

We make a technology platform that enable us to focus on the reason why we're doing a project in the first place, not the “how to get it done”.

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69 King Street, Dover, NJ, 07801 U.S.A
Tel:(973) 347-6830
Fax:(973) 347-6870

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